Vodacom provides soccer fields in Nampula

Besides the installation of goal poles and demarcation of the fields, Vodacom also donated sports equipment, balls and whistles.

Yesterday,VODACOM formally announced this action during an event which was attended by the Provincial Director of Education in Nampula and the Directors of the beneficiary schools - The Secondary School of Nampula, the Secondary School 12th October, the Secondary School of Teacana and the Secondary School of Nampako.

For the Provincial Director of Education of Nampula, "Vodacom's offer to schools will create conditions for the Province of Nampula so that they can decently prepare for the scholar games being held in Maputo in 2011."

Vodacom’s initiative shall benefit, in total, about 20,000 young people who now have better conditions to practice sport and be more connected to schools.