Scientific research

There have been thousands of scientific studies into the effects of radio frequency (RF) fields on health. Scientists know more about this than they do about most chemicals. Find out more about the scientific process.

Authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO) agree there is no evidence that convinces experts that exposure to RF fields from mobile devices and base stations operated within guideline limits has any adverse health effects. Read advice from the WHO and find further information on the WHO’s EMF website.

However, there are still some gaps in scientific knowledge. We look to the WHO to identify and prioritise research needs and are dedicated to supporting independent scientific research into these areas. Read more about current research programmes.

Scientists and public health officials assess risks to human health based on the entire body of evidence, rather than individual scientific studies. The evidence is considered by panels of experts in this field. We look to such expert reviews for advice on mobile devices, masts and health. Read more about expert reviews.