Products and Services

Vodacom's value added services are a benefit on offer with any Vodacom package chosen. These services are the answer to your specific communication needs. They offer flexibility and all around support to all communication activities.

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Prepaid starter pack

Vodacom prepaid starter is the number one starter pack of the country. Now, it comes with 25 MT airtime bonus, 25 megabytes, 25 free SMS and NetControl.

Super Jackpot

Super Jackpot is a Vodacom Product that offers from 40MT bonus, 80SMS and 40MB valid for one week for just 20MT. You also have other rich combined offers of airtime, SMS and MB to enjoy during the week. This offers will turn your week even more lively.

Txuna Crédito

Txuna Crédito is a Vodacom service that allows Prepaid and Hybrid Customers to get an advanced airtime to repay on the next recharge plusdsd a service fee.

Airtime transfer

This service allow you to send and receive airtime from another Vodacom number.

“Please call me” - Service

Please call me is a service intended to inform other people to call you back.

To send a Please call me, dial *140*destination number# OK. A "Please call me" SMS will be sent in your name and phone number to a destination number 

End of call and data notification

This is a exclusive Vodacom service, that allows your to know your airtime balance or MB after you end a call or while you are on the Internet.  

Jackpot Internet

Browse more for less on the best Mozambican Network  with a new Vodacom Jackpot Internet.

SMS Adicionais nas recargas

A Vodacom vai oferecer SMS adicionais aos Clientes Prépagos e Hibridos que estão há mais tempo com a melhor rede, sempre que recarregarem.

Meu Número 1

A Vodacom com lançou no dia 1 de Maio de 2015, uma promoção alusiva ao dia do trabalhador denominada "Meu Número 1". Esta promoção é direccionada a todos Clientes do Pré-pago e Hibrido, estes poderão subscrever a oferta de 60 min para falar com o número preferido por apenas 10 MT por dia.

Troca Txintxa

With Vodacom you can do TROCA TXINTXA of your free SMSs in Megs or Vodacom Bonus.