3G Internet

Keep in touch via Vodacom 3G Internet.

Can you imagine having the Internet at the palm of your hand on your cell phone? Need to find an address? Go to Google maps! Want help making dinner? Find a recipe on the net. Not sure if will be good time for the beach on the weekend? Go to weather.com. Saw an amazing thing and want to share with your friends? Record it or take pictures and post them on Facebook at the same time!

All this and more with the Vodacom 3G Internet, everywhere all the time!

Have the whole world at your fingertips on your laptop or cell phone in real time!

  • High speed Internet access
  • Unlimited size downloads
  • Video calls and much more ...

Feel the power of the Internet in the best 3G network!

What is 3G?

 The 3G is the mobile broadband internet, which allows for greater quality, speed and stability on the connection.

Why should I have it?

  • Have a faster access to all information that I need. And download super heavy documents, music and movies in much less time.
  • Have a better coverage across the country and much more!

How can I get it?

  • Its available for all the customers, pre and post paid if they already have a contract Click, the Mobile Internet will automatically be upgraded to 3G
  • To have the 3G internet on your phone, you just a compatible phone because the configuration is free
  • Just type * 111 # and follow the instructions or send an email to clique@vm.co.mz

What do I need?

  • PCMCIA card or USB Modem
  • Laptop, Desktop or a 3G compactable cell phone.