Click, the world in your hand is a service from Vodacom's mobile Internet and high-speed GPRS/EDGE , 3G and 4.5G, which allows accessing the Internet through the phone and laptop.

The service is also available for pre-paid customers of Vodacom at a price of 2.5 MT/MB.

Another reason to bring your friends and family to the Vodacom World! This cutting-edge technology offers the possibility to send and receive information through the mobile network, and offering.

Click here for automatic configuration of the phone or type * 111 # and follow theinstructions.

  • High speed data transmission.
  • Unlimited access to Internet.
  • Available throughout country (Vodacom Network).
  • Rates are calculated taking into account the amount of information received or transferred, and not in time of web browsing.
  • The ability to send and receive email and fax.