Instead of using Customer Care Centre, you may also find below the FAQs about Vodacom products and services.

How do I activate my SIM card?

Dial * 102 # ok or call 84111

How can I see and change my tariff plan?

To change the tariff plan, dial the codes below according to the tariff plan you wish:

  • *104*01# OK for UAU tariff;
  • *104*02# OK for Per Second tariff;

To check your current, dial *104#OK.

What is the number of the Message Center?

  • The number of the message center is +25884080011;

How do I recharge my account?

  • Dial * 100 * 01 * PIN # OK or call 84100 and follow the instructions.

How can I check my balance?

  • Type *100#OK or dial 84101.

How do I enable voice mail?

  • To enable voicemail, call 84121 and follow the instructions or dial ** 62 *+25884131 (Client nr. without the prefix 84)#OK.

What is the procedure to divert calls?

  • No reply (61)
  • Busy (67)
  • Out of coverage (62)
  • Unconditional (21)
  • All conditions (002) includes 61,62,67,21

How can I participate in the Competition Ganha Tchapo Tchapo?

  • To participate in Ganha Tchapo Tchapo, dial *123#OK. you will receive a notification from Vodacom confirming that your entry was valid. You will also receive a free SMS or even up to 50,000MT in cash. The competition is valid for Pre-paid and Talk More customers only.

How do I transfer airtime?

  • To transfer airtime, send an SMS to 84123. The SMS must follow this format: TC_Amount_Vodacom Nr to which you intend.

How do I change the PIN number?

  • To change PIN number, use this code: **04*(old pin)*(new pin)*(new pin)#OK.

How can I check the free messages balance?

  • Dial *100*02#OK.

How do I activate the internet service?

  • Use the code *111#OK, select the language and select Internet

How can I send a Please Call Me?

  • Dial *140*(full number of the recipient)#ok. You can send up up to 5 Please Call Me per day.

How do I activate the Bradas service?

  • To activate Bradas, dial *103*Nr of Brada1*Nr of Brada2* Nr of Brada3*Nr of Brada4#OK. You will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the service as well as the number you chose to Bradas. Confirm by sending S to 848484.

How do I check the active Bradas numbers on my card?

  • To check active Bradas, dial *103#OK.

How can I know the registration status of my SIM Card?

  • To see if your SIM card is registered, send ans SMS to 84174 with the REGISTRATION.

Post Paid

How to check the balance?

  • Send an SMS to 84555 with the letter S

How to check the free minutes?

  • Send an SMS with the letter T to 84555

How to enquire on unsettled invoices?

  • Send an SMS with the letter P to 84555