Internet Add-ons

It is Internet packages that can add to your SMART or Flexi Plan to browse at ease on the Internet from your phone. 
Ideal for those who have smartphone and uses regularly the Internet to access e-mail, check websites,agenda or social networks.



1 GB

3 GB

5 GB

11 GB

20 GB


149 MT/month

399 MT/month

599 MT/month

1 199 MT/month

2 299 MT/month

Terms and conditions

  • The Internet included in the additives is for monthly use, MBs not used in the same month do not carry over to the following month.
  • After exhausting the Internet included in the addendum, the standard rates provided in the SMART Plan (2.5MT / MB) and the Flexi Package (3.49MT / MB) apply.
  • In the menu * 111 # packages up to 5 GB and 11 GB and 20 GB will only be available in other sales channels (stores and / or customer managers).
  • Once-off packages have a duration of 30 days, regardless of the activation date.
  • Recurring option packages will be pro-rated in the month of activation and benefits will be renewed on the first day of your billing cycle.
  • You may activate more than one bundle and in the monthly option you should consider the validity of the last activation.
  • In menu * 111 # the Customer can only activate packages up to a total of 1 500 MT.