Time & Attendance

It is a GPS application and service, namely a software (web based) management of work orders that allows workers to receive and respond to work orders without being in the Office.

Allows field workers to receive and execute tasks in the field (where are), through a smartphone (by SMS) or laptop (with e-mail access).

Who is it targeted to?

  • Companies with sales, marketing or any other type of representative that requires detailed information on its mobile team working efficiently with real-time updates.
  • This service is designed for almost all sectors: construction, healthcare, distribution, transport, security, Government, utilities, field service, professional services, industries, etc.

The advantages

  • Manage your field workers.
  • Moving to a system of mobile electronic time sheet more accurate and better monitoring by supervisors.
  • Monitor where field workers are and what they are doing.
  • Create accurate reporting to management and payroll.
  • Administrators in the Office will have a portal (web-based), where they can send work orders, view the status and location of field workers from a single central platform.
  • This software also has GPS tracking functionality that allows administrators in the Office to follow the field workers' movement throughout the day, allowing for real-time information, such as status of work, the whereabouts of a technical engineer, etc.