It is a software that offers a range of comprehensive information and communication technologies and consolidated in the fields of education, health and agriculture.

The advantages

  • Education (School Management): a mobile solution that gives customers real-time visibility of all activities of the school-level management, from the attendance of teachers to the quality of service of the Government school feeding program.
  • Health (Stock Visibility): a mobile solution that allows customers to inventory management and enabling effective delivery of primary health services and pharmacies that have low levels of stock.
  • Health (Vaccination Management): a mobile solution that ensures a secure supply of vaccines where and when they are needed. This comprehensive solution addresses challenges around the demand generation, managing immunization registry and send SMS reminder for those who need to take their child back to the clinic for immunization follow-up visits.
  • Health (Community Care Management): a mobile solution to help the Ministry of Health and the private sector service providers to manage the model of health care to their community (villages). The solution includes workforce management and important patient management capabilities (administrative and clinical decision support).
  • Agriculture (Connected Farmer): a mobile solution that allows the agribusiness and the Ministry of Agriculture register and evaluate all the agricultural activities of small-scale farmers in Mozambique. Once a farmer is registered, the agribusiness can communicate with the farmer via SMS and offer a variety of services that allow three main value drivers:
    • Access to new markets;
    • Access to financial services;
    • Access to relevant information;

Who is it targeted to?

  • Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture.
  • All actors in these sectors working in the private sector.

The offer

  • The service is designed and dimensioned according to the actual needs of the Client.