Fleet Management

Vodacom offers the solution with a fixed monthly rate starting at 1,299 MT/month that includes equipment, services and connectivity. As a way to cover all the needs and segments expected by its Customers.

The Offer

  • VM Track - Real-time fleet control (localization) for motor vehicles
  • VM Pro - Real-time fleet management and control (insurance, maintenance, driver behavior) 
  • VM Cam - Real-time fleet management through video cameras


From several angles, the solution provides a 360 ° view of all of the company's vehicles and assets, as long as many other areas can be reflected under the following conditions:

  • Global fleet management with multiple dashboards
  • Operational control of vehicles and transportable means
  • Execution of field operations
  • Financial, accounting and human resources management


  • Improve employee performance
  • Allow driving with safe behavior in all drivers and employees
  • Total visibility of company assets
  • Enable the efficient use of resources
  • Allow future predictions - cost, behavior, need for training and others
  • Improve the life cycle of vehicles

Terms and Conditions apply.

Find out more atempresas@vm.co.mz or call 100